About Us


History - As told by company founder and Director Dr.Narinder Tomar

After 25 years working for Haryana Seeds Development corporation under seed production specialization. I came to the conclusion at age 43 that the only realistic outcome was to start my own business. A new seed company seemed the natural follow on, and in 1999 Kurukshetra Seeds Private Limited was formed with the specific purpose of building the quality seed brand in India. Under the banner of Kurukshetra Seeds, I have worked with various multinational companies both nationally and internationally. Our quality seeds supply was well praised by the farmers all over India as well as internationally in Uganda and ethopia.

Kurukshetra Agri Tech seed Private limited, previously known as Kurukshetra Seed Private Limited, was established in 1999 by Dr Narinder Tomar. A well-supported and successful business from the outset, it continued to grow and prosper and in 2012 changed from Partenership firm to sole ownership seed Production Company. After the dissolution of partnership within the Kurukshetra Seeds Pvt.Ltd . I formed this fully professional and well organised company- Kurukshetra Agri Tech Private limited.

Recently started Kurukshetra Agri Tech Private Limited which is upgraded model of seed production business to give new dimension to the modern technology in India's Agriculture system. Under my sole guidance, Kurukshetra Agri Tech Seeds Private Limited will create new milestones of success like Kurukshetra Seeds Private limited achieved in few years of its operations.

Kurukshetra Agri Tech Pvt.Ltd. today remains a 100% family owned seed business. Now i am leading the management team and my two sons’ holds to all the traditional farmer's family values which have been preserved over the last 200 years in the Agriculture sector.

 Mission Statement and Vision

Location and climate ‘In partnership with customers and suppliers, Kurukshetra Agri Tech Private Limited takes pride in providing quality seeds derived from the agricultural industry. This is achieved through innovation, sound business ethics and a productive team environment.'


To be the leading high-value Agricultural seeds production and marketing company in India.

Values Innovation:

We are committed to lead in the industry sectors we are involved in.

Integrity and Quality:

We maintain and respect maximum integrity, ethics and quality for our stakeholders, individuals and the environment.

Our People:

We value our people as individuals and encourage them to challenge themselves to perform to their capacity for mutual success.


We respect and care for our customers, working in partnership to satisfy their needs and to give them the best possible value and outcomes.


We see our suppliers, especially our farmer suppliers, as being in partnership with us. Their success is our success.

 Quality Assurance

Quality assurance the search for quality and a competitive edge for both Grower Suppliers and national as well as International Buyers is always ongoing to ensure that Kurukshetra Agri Tech are of the desired standard, with a quality assurance programme maintaining control at every point along the process. All testing procedures meet the minimum standard of Haryana Agriculture Department and HSSCA, in addition to those required by the our farmers. As a noticeable indication of quality, Kurukshetra Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd’s own seeds are packed in high standard environment and dry condition, coloured packaging complete with registered trademark.

 Our Technology

Kurukshetra Agri Tech has a team of experienced and well qualified field people who, through a hands-on approach, work closely with our seed growers to ensure that every aspect of seed production is carried out to the highest standards.

In conjunction with various research facilities around the world, KAT is working closely with seed technologists and scientist to improve both our production methods and seed quality. This commitment ensures our customer is also at the leading edge of technology with seed produced through our company.

Prior to any production our field staff carefully select the sites and ensure that there is adequate isolation. Seed production does not take place until our field staffs are satisfied that the land is properly prepared, including recommended fertilisers and insecticides.

Our aim is to produce seeds to the highest possible standard without compromise, and while agronomic advice is of prime importance.

KAT pays particular attention in the production of hybrid varieties to ensure the best possible flowering synchronisation, thus aiming for high genetic quality.

We take great care in the harvesting of our seed crops and over the years have developed a selection of specialised harvesting equipment to avoid any possible damage to the seed.

Our cleaning and sorting equipment is of a very high standard and we can offer the additional services of size grading and various seed treatments and coatings.


Regular contact with both International Buyers and Local seed farmers and Producers is maintained utilizing all forms of modern communication. Kurukshetra Agri Tech staffs also spend a large amount of time meeting with farmers and buyers in their own situations so that we can have a better understanding of their specific needs.

 The Kurukshetra Agri Tech Long Look

Kurukshetra Agri Tech Long Look Philosophy has four simple statements of business policy.

  • We strive to produce the best products in the market.
  • We deal honestly and fairly with customers, employees and business associates.
  • We vigorously market our products without misrepresentation.
  • We provide helpful management information to assist customers in making optimum profit from our products.


  • Haryana Seed Association
  • Haryana State Seed Agency
  • Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning Unit (ZTM & BPD), New Delhi
  • I.A.R.I, New Delhi